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How come supposedly dexamphetamine has a duration of action of only around 3 to 6 hours, while the expensive slow release version lisdexamfetamine has a duration of action of 12 hours, but 'lisdex' is converted to 'dex' within an hour

    While, yes, it does take extra time for the body to convert it into amphetamine, it doesn't have much to do with the actual drug.   This is adderall. It's comprised of 4 different amphetamine salts plus some inert binders to make it big enough to easily dispense and... Read More


What is pharmaceutical formulation? What are the stages involved

Pharmaceutical formulation, in pharmaceutics, is a process in which various chemical substances, along with the active drug, are mixed to produce a final medicinal product. The word formulation is often used in a way that includes the dosage form used in the making.What Are The Stages And Timeline?F... Read More

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Why is pharmacology important in the field of medicine

Pharmacology is the study of those drugs. No matter which branch of medicine you end up in, you are bound to know about drugs.It is not only about knowing where to use them, it is also about knowing where not to use them.Even surgeons need to know and optimise the pharm... Read More

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What Is Valium

In decades past, this potent, long-acting drug was dubbed “mother’s little helper.” Popularly prescribed to women in the 1960s and 1970s, Valium became a tool for many women who were trying to juggle the difficulties of motherhood and marriage, and for others, the struggle of being a singl... Read More


What is TDM in pharmacology

TDM or Therapeutic Drug Monitoring could also be a branch of pharmacology and clinical chemistry that concentrate on the measurement of medication concentrations in blood. Its main focus  on drugs with narrow therapeutic window.As it i... Read More


What are the chances of absorbing drugs such as nicotine/tobacco from handling cigarettes/skin absorption

Adolescents and youngsters who add tobacco agriculture can and do experience nicotine toxicity while harvesting, curing and handling the tobacco plant in bulk quantities. It’s called “green tobacco sickness” and it happens more frequently in countries with lower ag... Read More


What is synergism in pharmacology

SYNERGISM When the combined effect of two drugs is greater than the algebraic sum of their individual effects, it is called as synergism. It results in either potentiation of the action of the drugs or prolongation of it's therapeutic effects. Synergism occurs when... Read More


Why does the blood brain barrier prevent some drugs from entering the brain

The brain consumes over 20% of whole body's energy supply and nearly 15% of the blood of cardiac output. so the brain is one of the important organ and we know the complete body and other organ activity directly or indirectly controlled by the brain. so it is very necessary a barrier must be there t... Read More


How does medicine really work. What changes happen in your body that end up with a result

o understand how medicines “work” we need to define “works”.For the few medicines that cure - less than 5% of medicines cure any disease - works equals “cures”. Medicines that cure can only cure infectious diseases, and they cure by killing or disabling the&nb... Read More

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NMR Spectroscopy in the Search for Natural Food Preservatives

A few proteins have just been found to have common antimicrobial properties. These antimicrobial peptides, for example, lactoferricin and nisin, have for the most part been disconnected from milk and egg where they act to shield new life from pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, Escherich... Read More


The Promise of In Vitro 3D Organoid Models: Meeting the ADME-Tox Testing Needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lacking forecast of medication digestion or harmfulness is the Achilles impact point of the pharmaceutical business, prompting high medication whittling down rates. This can have huge ramifications for organizations, with late-arrange disappointment normally bringing about the loss of generous m... Read More


Untangling The Link between Alzheimer’s disease And Diabetes: What the Latest Science Tells Us

Alzheimer's sickness and type 2 diabetes could be connected in manners we're just starting to comprehend, as indicated by researchers displaying the most recent research discoveries at Neuroscience 2019, the yearly gathering of the Society for Neuroscience. Unraveling the association could promp... Read More


Exploring the Latest in CRISPR and Stem Cell Research

Past CRISPR-put together screens have centered with respect to malignant growth cell lines or foundational microorganisms as opposed to sound human cells, hence constraining potential bits of knowledge into the cell-type-explicit jobs of human qualities. The specialists picked to screen in iPSC-... Read More


The role of drug transporters at the blood brain barrier

The human mind is the most exceptionally perfused organ in the body, being made out of more than 100 billion vessels with a normal between the slim separation of 50μm and a length more prominent than 600km. This broad system of veins encourages the conveyance of supplements and oxygen to the cer... Read More


Researchers map malaria parasites that proliferate in human blood cells

Malaria fever parasites change sound red platelets into unbending renditions of themselves that cluster together, thwarting the transportation of oxygen. The irresistible infection influences in excess of 200 million individuals around the globe and causes about a half-million passings consisten... Read More


Assay for reading six molecular pathways simultaneously developed

The scientists state that the new measure is touchy, spares time and costs when contrasted with conventional methodologies. It additionally diminishes trial mistakes and can be adjusted to any exploration field that uses a double luciferase measure. “One of the interests of our lab is to have a... Read More


The UK biotech Camena Bioscience has proven it can synthesize long DNA molecules with more accuracy than traditional chemical synthesis.

Camena tried its innovation's capacity to precisely integrate DNA particles with a length of 300 nucleotides — the structure squares of DNA. Utilizing Camena's innovation, 85% of the integrated DNA particles were exact to the arrangement that the organization needed, though just 23% of atoms mad... Read More


What do you really know about CBD as a medicine

The helpful properties that the cannabis and hemp plants confer are expected overwhelmingly to phytocannabinoids, a gathering of normally happening, naturally dynamic concoction mixes. The two most bottomless are cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In any case, can these mi... Read More


Babies in the womb may see more than we thought

In the creating eye, maybe 3% of ganglion cells - the cells in the retina that send messages through the optic nerve into the mind - are delicate to light and, until this point, scientists have found around six distinctive subtypes that speak with different places in the cerebrum. Some discussio... Read More


Newly developed approach shows promise in silencing HIV infection

The HIV virus gets integrated into the infected person's genetic coding and establishes a constant dormant infection, creating a big treatment challenge. Because of this, current ART medications fail to cure the virus and when someone stops the drug, the virus almost always begins to multiply an... Read More

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Researchers discover cause of a previously unknown auto inflammatory disorder, CRIA syndrome

The group found that the autoinflammatory illness CRIA (cleavage-safe RIPK1-initiated auto inflammatory) disorder is brought about by a transformation in a phone demise a segment called RIPK1.  The finding could make ready for the improvement of cell passing inhibitors for the treatment of... Read More


Early cholesterol checks could save your heart

Cholesterol is a waxy fat, an atom found in the blood and in each cell of the body. Simultaneously, a lot of specific kinds of cholesterol can create an expanded danger of coronary illness and stroke. In view of this, analysts state the previous unreasonably elevated cholesterol levels are recog... Read More


Is It Time To Let Out The Genetic Genie Out Of Its Bottle?

As indicated by the organization's site, its DNA testing pack utilizes propelled Whole Exome Sequencing (otherwise called WES) innovation to succession DNA to over 99.9 percent expository exactness. This strategy has been remotely approved by The Croucher Laboratory for Human Genomics (CLHG), CU... Read More


Using single-cell proteogenomics to fight multiple myeloma

Presently one the organization has willingly volunteered to improve accuracy drug utilizing single-cell examination: Proteome. Among its first targets are blood malignant growths, for example, various myeloma. As one of the most forceful blood tumors, the treatment of different myeloma accompanie... Read More


Science off the beaten track

The recognizable proof of hazard variations has likewise added to the distinguishing proof of beforehand obscure flagging pathways that assume a significant job in pathogenesis. Notwithstanding approving the significance of lipid digestion, GWAS gave conclusive proof that the NO flagging pathway... Read More


A metabolic approach to Alzheimer’s

In the interim, T3D Therapeutics means to fill a neglected need in the treatment of Alzheimer's malady (AD) following a progression of disillusionments focusing on the amyloid plaques that are signs of AD. The organization, situated in Research Triangle Park, NC, has been seeking a system to han... Read More


Pharmacist-Led Interventions Contribute to Heart Disease Prevention

The investigation, which was driven by Abdullah Alshehri of the University of Birmingham, broke down 21 significant randomized controlled clinical preliminaries involving an aggregate of 8933 patients. Intercessions included patient training, prescription survey and directing physical appraisal,... Read More


The difference between an expert's brain and a novice's

When mice learn to do a new task, their brain activities change over time as they advance from 'novice' to 'expert.' The changes are reflected in the wiring of cell circuits and activities of neurons.Using a two-photon imaging microscope and a wealth of genetic tools, researchers from Cold Spri... Read More


American scientists have discovered a new HIV strain

The new strain is a piece of the M HIV-1 gathering. HIV has a wide range of subtypes and strains. Like different infections, it can change and transform after some time. This is the primary new Group M strain, found after the standards for subtype capability were presented in 2000. "This can real... Read More

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Antibiotics from the sea

Almost 75% of all clinically important anti-microbials are normal substances, created by microscopic organisms. Nonetheless, the anti-microbials that are right now accessible are losing their adequacy and expanding quantities of pathogens are getting safe. This implies there is a dire requiremen... Read More


Researchers discover potent new antimicrobial molecule

The specialists screened around 45,000 little atoms to find another bioactive antimicrobial they called MAC-545496. In contrast to traditional anti-toxins, this particle neither executes the staph contamination nor stops its development all alone, so the potential for antimicrobial obstruction might... Read More


Global Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing Market Growth Driver 2025: By Companies Agilent, Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), Caris Life Sciences

A leading research firm, Zion Market Research added a latest industry report on "Global Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing Market" consisting of 110+ pages during the forecast period and Clinical Oncology Next Generation Sequencing Market report offers comprehensive research... Read More


Sulfur and the Emergence of the First Life on Earth

Mapping the bonds and vibrational methods of particles containing sulfur isotopes is a revealing insight into the compound responses that occurred in Earth's the environment during the Archean period before the climate got oxygenated about 2.5 billion years prior.  The Archean is a geographi... Read More


By targeting flu-enabling protein, antibody may protect against wide-ranging strains

The study, which Scripps Research conducted jointly with Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, points to a new approach to tackle severe cases of the flu, including pandemics. Scripps Research's Ian Wilson, DPhil, one of thr... Read More


Evaluating Deep Learning Methods for Identifying Nuclei

A notable development in the field of fluorescent imaging analysis has been made recently with improvements in segmentation. The optimal approach to segmentation, which refers to the process of delimiting the boundaries of objects, is through solutions offered by deep learning solutions. Thi... Read More


Positron dihalides join exotic group of molecules that combine matter and antimatter

There has been taking a shot at the synthetic bond between a positron and two hydride anions, however, the present examination is increasingly concoction as it currently makes it conceivable to analyze diverse positron bonds,' remarks Gernot Frenking, a hypothetical scientist at the Philipps Uni... Read More


New chemical tools to modify and study biomolecules

Proteins are macromolecules developed from a lot of twenty artificially unique amino acids. One key way to deal with alter proteins is to respond with the sulfur iota in the amino corrosive cysteine. In any case, current techniques are as yet hazardous as far as productivity, selectivity, and st... Read More


NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Unexplained Oxygen on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover, for three Martian years—nearly six years to us Earthlings—has been sniffing the air above Mars’ Gale Crater, its near-equatorial exploration site. Using its Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) portable chemistry lab, the rover has ascertained not only what the surface-atmosphere... Read More


Link between inflammation and mental sluggishness shown in new study

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in a joint effort with the University of Amsterdam has revealed a potential clarification for the psychological laziness that frequently goes with the disease.  An expected 12M UK residents have an incessant ailment, and huge numbers of them repor... Read More


Chemistry Professors Busted For Cooking Meth, "Breaking Bad" Style

For a situation of reality impersonating craftsmanship, two science teachers in the US territory of Arkansas have been captured for concocting methamphetamine in a college lab - in an uncanny reverberation of the hit arrangement "Breaking Bad."  Bradley Rowland, 40, and Terry Bateman, 45,... Read More


A discovery by a Washington State University-led research team has the potential to inhibit the spread of West Nile virus as well as Zika and dengue viruses

In an examination distributed today in the diary Cell Reports, scientists showed that mammalian insulin actuated an antiviral invulnerability pathway in mosquitoes, expanding the bugs' capacity to stifle the infections. Mosquito nibbles are the most well-known way people are contaminated with f... Read More


How gut microbes impact the digestive system

The team also explored the effects of gut microbe transplants from old to young mice on the functions of the digestive system.With age, the viability of small intestinal cells is reduced, and this is associated with reduced mucus production that makes intestinal cells more vulnerable to damage... Read More


Flow synthesis produces chiral intermediate for antidepressant drug

The main dissolvable free organocatalytic stream process yields the key chiral middle of the road for paroxetine on a multigram-scale  Specialists in Austria and Spain have worked together to build up a dissolvable free ceaseless stream union for a key chiral halfway of the energizer tranqu... Read More

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Molecular biology enzymes and kits & reagents market trends, demand, industry growth analysis and outlook forecast to 2024 | thermo fisher scientific, inc., merck kgaa

The Global Molecular Biology Enzymes and Kits & Reagents The market report offers a high-quality, accurate, and comprehensive research study to equip players with valuable insights for making strategic business choices. The research analysts have provided deep segmental analysis of... Read More


Newborn’s hiccups linked to brain development, scientists say

Watching a newborn hiccup might make parents anxious but scientists say this involuntary the process could be an important part of brain development.Researchers have found that hiccups – caused by sudden, spontaneous contractions of the diaphragm muscle – trigger electrical activity in the brain... Read More


Imaging Technology Could Confirm When a Drug Is Going to the Right Place

Doctors and scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering report on an innovative technique for noninvasively watching where targeted therapy is going in the body. It also allows them to see how much of the drug reaches the tumor.Targeted therapy has become an important player in the collect... Read More


If you have smoked marijuana for a couple years will your body rid THC faster than someone who is fairly new to the drug

Actually no, just the opposite of what you are thinking. Someone who has just smoked for the first time, or only occasionally with good breaks in-between, like a once-a-month weekend warrior, will test positive through urinalysis for a much shorter window than someone who smokes regularly.General... Read More

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