Chemistry Professors Busted For Cooking Meth, "Breaking Bad" Style

For a situation of reality impersonating craftsmanship, two science teachers in the US territory of Arkansas have been captured for concocting methamphetamine in a college lab - in an uncanny reverberation of the hit arrangement "Breaking Bad."


Bradley Rowland, 40, and Terry Bateman, 45, were arrested Friday after an examination at first, propelled by Henderson State University's police administration, the Clark County sheriff's office said in an announcement.


Everything started with an "unsure substance scent" announced at the college's science focus on October 8 in the community of Arkadelphia, as indicated by Tina Hall, the college's correspondences chief.


"Starting testing showed a raised nearness of benzyl chloride in a research facility," she said. Benzyl chloride can be utilized to fabricate methamphetamine.


The structure was shut and an examination propelled by college police, who in the long-run brought in the district sheriff's office.


Rowland and Bateman, both partner educators, were put on authoritative leave October 11, she said.

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