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Dr. Gautham Sethi

Associate Professor, NUS, Singapore

                                                Biography :

Research Interests

Mechanism(s) of regulation of oncogenic transcription factors by carcinogens and inflammatory agents.Identification of novel pharmacological compounds that can suppress activation of these transcription factors.Development and characterization of orthotopic/transgenic and xenograft mouse models of cancer.

Selected Publications

Chai EZ, Shanmugam MK, Arfuso F, Dharmarajan A, Wang C, Kumar AP, Samy RP, Lim LH, Wang L, Goh BC, Ahn KS, Hui KM, Sethi G. Targeting transcription factor STAT3 for cancer prevention and therapy. (2015). Pharmacol Ther. 2016 Jun;162:86-97. (IF=9.7).Zhang J, Ahn KS, Kim C, Shanmugam MK, Siveen KS, Arfuso F, Samy RP, Deivasigamani A, Lim LH, Wang L, Goh BC, Kumar AP, Hui KM, Sethi G. Nimbolide-induced oxidative stress abrogates STAT3 signaling cascade and inhibits tumor growth in transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate model. (2015). Antioxid Redox Signal. 2016 Apr 10;24(11):575-89. (IF= 7.4).Li F, Shanmugam MK, Siveen KS, Wang F, Ong TH, Loo SY, Swamy MM, Mandal S, Kumar AP, Goh BC, Kundu T, Ahn KS, Wang LZ, Hui KM, Sethi G. Garcinol sensitizes human head and neck carcinoma to cisplatin in a xenograft mouse model despite downregulation of proliferative biomarkers. (2015). Oncotarget. 6: 5147-5163. (IF=6.6).Manu KA, Shanmugam M, Ramachandran L, Li F, Fong CW, Kumar AP, Tan P, Sethi G. First evidence that g-tocotrienol inhibits the growth of human gastric cancer and chemosensitizes it to capecitabine in a xenograft mouse model through the modulation of NF-kB pathway. (2012). Clin Cancer Res. 18: 2220-2229 (IF= 8.7).Ramachandran L, Manu KA, Shanmugam MK, Li F, Siveen KS, Vali S, Kapoor S, Abbasi T, Surana R, Smoot DT, Ashktorab H, Tan P, Ahn KS, Yap CW, Kumar AP, Sethi G. Isorhamnetin inhibits proliferation, invasion, and induces apoptosis through the modulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activation pathway in gastric cancer. (2012). J Biol Chem. 287: 38028-38040 (IF=4.4).

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